Are you tired of scraping tree sap, bird excrement, snow or ice off your vehicle's exterior paint or windshield? It's time then to call or visit Keen's Portable Buildings. As an established dealer of portable buildings, we offer a range of carports that would ideally meet your weather protection needs. We are based in Live Oak, Florida, and have locations in Valdosta, GA, and Perry, FL, and serve all 48 Continental States.

A Wide Range of Models to Choose From

Choose from our single/double/ triple carports, or steel storage sheds. Our steel carports are the most cost-effective solution to protect your vehicles from Mother Nature's harshest elements.

Car ports are offered in a variety of sizes. When you shop at Keen's, you have choices of length, width and leg height.

  • Our double car ports, garages and steel sheds are constructed using 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" square tubing and you choose from 12 gauge or 14 gauge galvanized steel.
  • The length of your car port is unlimited and you choose from 12' to 40' free span width. Leg height varies from 5' to 12' with optional side or end panels for added protection where you need it.
  • You can match the color of your home when you select from over a dozen exterior colors with a regular or box eave gable roof.
We Sell Certified and Non-certified

Car Ports

  • Certified Car Ports - Certified Structures are wind speed and snow load rated for compliance with city, county and state regulations for your area. Upon your request, we can provide engineered plans for 110 mph and 130 mph wind load. Certification is available on all Keen's Portable Buildings and certified structures are backed by an engineer's stamped approval.
  • Non-certified Car Ports - Non-certified structures are not load rated but are perfect for agricultural uses as a farm shelter.

We offer carports with $0 down financing and up to 84 months to pay. Ask about our Interest Free Account and our 12 months same as cash financing options for qualified buyers.

Shop Online

When you buy carports online using Keen's Portable Buildings website, security is never a concern. Geo Trust, the world's second largest digital certificate provider, securely transmits all of your personal information and financial transactions. More than 70,000 companies in more than 140 countries currently rely on Geo Trust for secure transmissions of credit applications and sensitive information.

Let Keen's show you how a carport or steel shed can help you maintain the value of your vehicles while making life a lot easier for you. Take time today to assess your needs and call our friendly staff at Keen's Portable Buildings. To learn more, call 386-364-7995.

Examples of Standard Carport Sizes

These are just examples of standard carport sizes available. Keens Buildings can build a variety of custom carport sizes to fit your needs.

12x21 12x26 12x31 12x36 12x41
18x21 18x26 18x31 18x36 18x41
20x21 20x26 20x31 20x36 20x41
22x21 22x26 22x31 22x36 22x41
24x21 24x26 24x31 24x36 24x41

26x21 26x26 26x31 26x36 26x41 26x46 26x51
28x21 28x26 28x31 28x36 28x41 28x46 28x51
30x21 30x26 30x31 30x36 30x41 30x46 30x51
32x21 32x26 32x31 32x36 32x41 32x46 32x51
34x21 34x26 34x31 34x36 34x41 34x46 34x51
36x21 36x26 36x31 36x36 36x41 36x46 36x51
38x21 38x26 38x31 38x36 38x41 38x46 38x51
40x21 40x26 40x31 40x36 40x41 40x46 40x51

If you have any additional qustions regarding our carports. Please Contact Us for more information.