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Protect your Vehicles with a

Two Car Carports

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If you are getting tired of scraping snow, ice or tree sap off your windshield, it is time to contact Keen's Portable Buildings and select the double carport that will keep your vehicles covered. We carry an extensive inventory of two-car carports that can be installed in just a matter of days. You can select from several models of name brand double carports to meet your specific requirements. A two-car carport from Keen's Portable Buildings is the best solution for protecting your vehicles from wind, rain, sun, snow and ice. Don't you deserve to make your life a little easier? Let our friendly staff show you how to protect the value of your vehicles with a carport or one of the premium steel garages from Keen's.

Selecting the Features for Your Carport

When you purchase your double carport or carport garage online from Keen's, we let you choose the features you need. Our carports are constructed from 12 gauge or 14 gauge galvanized steel 2 ½"X2 ½" square tubing. The free span width of your double car port can be 18 feet to 40 feet wide to accommodate your extra wide vehicles or trailers and leg height varies from 5 feet to 12 feet with an additional 3-foof rise for a double car port with a gable roof structure. Plus, you can select from over a dozen exterior colors and trim to complement your house or existing buildings.

Keen's Sells Certified Carports

Our carports and carport garages are available for purchase as a certified or non-certified structure. Keen's certified two car carports and carport garages are wind speed and snow load rated for city, county and state regulations and compliance. Upon your request, our engineers can provide carport plans for 110 mph to 150 mph wind loads. All of Keen's certified carports and steel buildings are backed by an engineer's stamped approval. If you live in an area of the country that experiences heavy snowfall or ice storms, we recommend that you use vertical steel paneling for your car port or steel building. Although non-certified double carports are not rated for wind speed or snow load, they are ideal for use as a farm equipment cover.

We Install your

Double Car Port

where you need it

Installation for your double carport or carport garage is simple when you purchase from Keen's Portable Buildings. In fact, you'll be surprised at how quickly our experienced carport installers can have your new two car carport installed on your level ground, concrete slab, stem wall or asphalt pavement. Just select the spot you need covered, prep the ground as you like and leave the rest to Keen's professional team of carport installers. It's never been easier to own a new carport from Keen's Portable Buildings.

Credit problems are never a problem when you buy from Keen's

We have a number of options for financing your double carport or carport garage when you purchase your steel building from Keen's Portable Buildings. Take the time to complete our secure online credit application or call us directly to find out just how easy we make owning a new steel building. Don't forget to ask about our Interest Free Account and our same-as-cash 12-month financing option. At Keen's we offer you $0 money down and up to 84 months to pay on select items. If you are buying or own your home, our friendly staff is ready to discuss your options to finance a double carport today.

Secure Online Purchase

Shopping online at Keen's Portable Buildings website is always secure whether you're completing a credit application or merely inquiring about features for your new double carport or carport garage. Keen's uses Geo Trust, the world's second largest provider of online digital certificates, to ensure secure transmissions for all your personal information and financial matters. Over 70,000 companies in more than 140 countries rely on Geo Trust to provide safe transmission of sensitive personal information for credit applications and online purchases. Our installation of the leading technologies for identification verification keep you secure when shopping online with Keen's.

"Buy Now" Double Carport Prices

Double Carport Prices with 5' Leg Height

18x21 18x26 18x31 18x36 18x41
$895 $1120 $1345 $1570 $1790
20x21 20x26 20x31 20x36 20x41
$1095 $1370 $1645 $1920 $2190
22x21 22x26 22x31 22x36 22x41
$1295 $1620 $1945 $2270 $2590
24x21 24x26 24x31 24x36 24x41
$1495 $1870 $2245 $2620 $2990

Double Carport Prices with 6' Leg Height

26x21 26x26 26x31 26x36 26x41 26x46 26x51
$2200 $2750 $3295 $3845 $4395 $4945 $5495
28x21 28x26 28x31 28x36 28x41 28x46 28x51
$2265 $2830 $3395 $3960 $4525 $5095 $5660
30x21 30x26 30x31 30x36 30x41 30x46 30x51
$2400 $3000 $3595 $4195 $4795 $5395 $5990
32x21 32x26 32x31 32x36 32x41 32x46 32x51
$4495 $5395 $6295 $7195 $8095 $9195 $9995
34x21 34x26 34x31 34x36 34x41 34x46 34x51
$4795 $5695 $6595 $7495 $8395 $9495 $10595

"Buy Now" double carport prices include installation on your level land or black top. Contact Keen's Portable Buildings for additional double carport prices or installation details.

Double Carport "Buy Now" Packages from Keen's

Our affordable "Buy Now" packages can save you money on a double carport or carport garage when you buy online from Keen's Portable Buildings.

18X21X6 Double Carport - Keen's affordable double carport has been our standard introduction for a two-car carport for over a decade. Parking your vehicles has never been easier with our convenient pull-thru design. Plus, this unit can be upgraded to meet your specific requirements for length, width or height. Our inexpensive double carport would be a welcomed addition to any home.

20X31X6 Utility Carport with Bonus Storage - This versatile extra-wide double carport has a 5 ft. by 20 ft. enclosed area end capped at the rear. This convenient bonus area can be used as a workshop and you will still have lots of space for storage. For just a little extra, Keen's can install a 6X6 rollup garage door and you can protect your valuables behind lock & key.

20X21X6 Wide Double Carport - If you are looking for a double carport for today's larger utility vehicles or trucks, our 20X21X6 carport may be a perfect solution. We added two feet to the width of this popular pull-thru two-car carport. Plus, the gable roof gives you added height along the centerline. You don't have to worry about breaking the bank. At $995 for a non-certified double carport, this unit will pay for itself in no time.

18X21X6 Double Carport with Side Protection - Looking to protect your vehicles from sun, wind, rain, snow, ice and falling debris, our 18X21 double carport with extra side panels may be the solution to your problems. We took our most popular double carport with convenient pull-thru access and added extra horizontal steel panels to reduce your vehicles' exposure to nature's harshest elements.

18X21X5 Certified Double Carport for Under $1000 - At $995 for a certified double carport, this is one of the most affordable "Buy Now" carport packages that Keen's Portable Buildings has ever offered online. Our 18X21 double carport with a standard gable roof is an ideal cover for today's smaller vehicles.