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Protect your vehicle with a

RV carport

or motorhome carport.

Don't park your expensive RV, travel trailer or executive motorhome under a tree. Keen's Portable Buildings has a better solution. Anytime you leave your motor home exposed to Mother Nature, you can expect some deterioration of the exterior finishes. Covered parking is an important investment for extending the life of your recreational vehicle or travel trailer. Our motorhome carports are designed to protect your vehicles from sun, rain, wind, snow, ice and flying debris. Let Keen's Portable Buildings help you maintain the value of your recreational vehicles with a durable motorhome cover.

Selecting the features for your RV carport or motorhome carport

Keen's Portable Buildings lets you customize your motorhome carport to meet your requirements for width, length or height. The standard width for our motor home carports starts at 12 feet but can be expanded to a free span width of 40 feet. The length of our motorhome carports can be extended to cover both your tow vehicle and trailer for convenient pull thru parking. Although the centerline height of most of our popular RV carports has a raised centerline, double check your clearance requirements for air conditioning units and other roof-mounted motorhome accessories. Use our convenient Online Estimator to determine the best size motor home carport for your RV.

Keen's sells certified RV carports or motorhome carports

Keen's motorhome carports can be installed as a certified or non-certified steel building. Our certified carports are wind speed and snow load rated for compliance with various local or state regulations. Certification is available for all motorhome carports and each is backed by our engineer's stamp of approval. We can provide the engineering plans for 110 mph, 130 mph or 150 mph wind speed ratings when needed. Several of our popular motorhome carports can be purchased as non-certified structures that make excellent farm equipment and livestock shelters.

We install your RV carport or motorhome carport where you need it.

Don't let fallen leaves, tree sap, pine cones, limbs and other debris build up on the roof of your motorhome, RV or travel trailer when it's not being used. Keen's Portable Buildings can install a new motor home carport right where you want to park your RV. Our RV carports are built to last a lifetime and most units can be installed in just one day. Contact our carport specialists today to design your perfect motorhome carport. We'll have your recreational vehicle covered in no time.

Credit scores are never a problem when you buy from Keen's.

We can arrange financing options for your motorhome carport from A lenders, B lenders or C lenders with rates starting as low as 6.9% and up to 84 months to pay. Keen's Portable Buildings has $0 down on select carports with cash options for up to 36 months for qualified buyers. If you need help with financing for your new motor home carport, our finance department will be happy to help you with your application. Call us today for the latest competitive rates.

Secure online purchase for your RV carport or motorhome carport

When you shop online at Keen's Portable Building, you enjoy secure transmission of all personal data and sensitive information. Geo Trust is the world's second largest digital certificate provider and our strategic partner for the secure transmitting of all financial transactions. For several years, more than 70,000 companies in more than 140 countries have relied on Geo Trust for online security. Keen's Portable Buildings is dedicated to providing the leading technology for identity verification for our customers when they purchase a motor home carport from us over the Internet.

"Buy Now" Motorhome & RV Carport Prices

Motor Home Carport Prices with 6' Leg Height

36x21 36x26 36x31 36x36 36x41 36x46 36x51
$5095 $5995 $6895 $7795 $8895 $9995 $11095
38x21 38x26 38x31 38x36 38x41 38x46 38x51
$5395 $6295 $7295 $8495 $9695 $10895 $12095
40x21 40x26 40x31 40x36 40x41 40x46 40x51
$5795 $6595 $7695 $8895 $10095 $11295 $12995

Keen's affordable "Buy Now" motorhome and RV carport prices include carport installation on your level land, concrete slab, stem wall or paved black top.

Call Keen's Portable Buildings for additional pricing and/or other details concerning your motor home carport installation.

Motorhome Carport

"Buy Now" Packages from Keen's.

Our "Buy Now" packages for a motorhome carport or steel building can save you money when you buy from Keen's Portable Buildings.

42X26X12 Carport - Our multiple bay motorhome carports provide excellent cover for your RV and two additional vehicles or trailers. The convenient pull thru center section features an enclosed gable roof and steel paneled sides giving this unit a stylish barn look. You select from over a dozen exterior and trim colors to match your favorite building. Protect your investments for a lifetime with a motorhome carport from Keen's.

18X41X12 Executive Motorhome Carport - This versatile single vehicle motor home carport provides perfect cover for a large executive motorhome, over-sized recreational vehicles, high topped boats or travel trailers. The unit's standard features include 12-foot leg height with a raised roof centerline and rounded eaves for 3 feet of added side protection. Keen's motor home carports can always be purchased with wind speed and snow load certifications or as non-certified structures.

18X21X12 Triple Motorhome Carport - Our three vehicle motorhome carport features 12-foot leg height and convenient pull thru bays for parking just about anything. Open sides and open ends allow you to store other recreational vehicles, trailers or boats right beside your motorhome. Avoid the costly repairs caused by over exposure to the elements. Call Keen's today and speak with our friendly staff about your requirements for a motor home carport.

18X36X12 Large Motorhome Carport - Protect your large motorhome or travel trailer's roof, exterior trim and rubber components from the rain, wind, sun and snow. The 12-foot standard leg height makes this a great carport for the taller RV or executive motorhome. Let Keen's Portable Buildings show you how easy it can be to have a new motorhome carport installed on your level ground or paved black top.

18X31X10 Motorhome Carport with Side Panels - Keen's 18X31X10 motorhome carport comes with standard features like 10-foot leg height and double side panels for added protection. You can keep your motorhome, RV, travel trailer or high top van cooler on those hot summer days. Keen's "Buy Now" certified motorhome carport is only $2790 and will satisfy your local requirements for wind speed or snow load ratings.