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Are you a homeowner looking for a convenient and inexpensive shed to use as your work space or for the storage of your assets? Keen’s Potable Buildings is here to help you out and find you the perfect shed!

Sheds provide an outdoor storage and shelter area for your assets. They are usually single-storied and are used as workshops or storage space. These sheds could be used for multi-purpose activities. Most homes and a lot of industrial areas have these now for they provide shelter, and could be worked on.

Keen’s provides its customers with highest quality sheds in terms of material and durability. All our sheds are State certified and DCA inspected. These storage spaces are protected against strong wind speed and snow loads.

Keen’s Potable Buildings deal in portable sheds which can be structured out of steel, wood or vinyl, as per your requirements. Keen’s is a nationwide dealer in storage facilities, providing all kinds of storage space to homeowners at economical prices for both all our equipment.

We have our outlets in Florida and Georgia, and we provide online purchase options to facilitate our customers. Moreover, we allow the facility of buying our products on credit for our customers. So now you do not have to worry about where to get the amount needed for getting yourself resilient and enduring sheds.

Our storage facilities come in various colors so that you can match them with your home. In addition, they are customizable so that you can choose the color of their accenting trims, exterior panels and roof. We have trained staff that is proficient at installation and maintenance of storage facilities, so you can just leave your shed in our capable hands and we will take care of it.
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