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Pricing for Storage Sheds and Carports

Before looking up pricing for carports, garages, and storage sheds in your state, please read below concerning the difference between a Certified building and an Uncertified building.

CERTIFIED: These certified carports, storage sheds, and garages are built to comply with your state or local building codes where permitting is required, and are backed by an engineered seal of approval. These units are also rated to withstand heavy windloads and snowloads, if required.

UNCERTIFIED: These carports and garages are typically intended for agriculture use or where permitting is not required, and are not backed by engineered plans. Uncertified carports and garages do not have a snowload or windload rating.

It is up to the customer to determine if permitting will be required in the area where unit will be installed.

Our Build and Price system will help you build and price out custom carports, motor home covers, steel garages, outdoor sheds, or barns. Call us if you have any questions, or would like assistance, with our system or building or pricing your own custom carport.

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