FAQ for Storage Sheds and Buildings

1. After ordering my carport, outdoor shed, or steel garage how long will it take for delivery?
It takes anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on where your site is located and the size of the carport or steel garage. Everyone works very hard to get it there as soon as possible.

2. When pouring my concrete what size should the slab be?
Always remember the frame is 1 foot shorter than the roof in length or just call one of our Keen’s Portable Buildings representatives to be sure at 1-888-620-0004.

3. What is the highest side leg I can have?
Keen’s Portable Buildings can install up to 14 ft. legs and the center of the unit is almost always 3 ft. taller than the legs.

4. Can adjustments be made to the legs if the ground is not level?
Installers can adjust the legs up or down 2-3 inches on the bottom rail of the carport or steel garage to help but level ground always works best.

5. What is the roof pitch of my carport or steel garage?
The roof pitch would depend on the width of your carport or steel garage. It varies between 2-4 feet but most of the time 3 feet 2 inches.

6. What are the dimensions on my carport from side to side?
We measure “side to side” the same as the width of the carport. It’s always the width you order with the only difference being the length of the frame is always 1 foot shorter than the roof.

7. Can we put our carport at the end of our home?
Yes. The installers cannot bolt the carport to any home or building but they can install it as close as possible.

8. Can I add upgrade options to my carport or steel garage after the initial install?
Yes. Keen’s Portable Buildings can add options to your carport or steel garage at any time. There is a $50.00 return trip fee added to any orders less than $795.00.

9. Will my carport or steel garage be anchored to the ground on my concrete slab?
Yes. Non-Certified carports have 3 ft. rebar drive anchors for ground and asphalt installations but may be upgraded to mobile home anchors for an additional charge. Certified carports and steel garages come standard with mobile home anchors and a set of blueprints that will answer any wind load or snow load questions.

Installation Guide

Things You Need To Know About Your Steel Building or Carport

1. Your land should be leveled or your carport will be installed “as is.” If the crew should have to dig the base rail into the ground there will be a labor charge.

2. Always inform the installers about any underground wire, gas lines or utility lines. Installers ARE NOT responsible for any damages that may occur if they are not made aware of any underground objects.

3. Return Trip Fee – If the installer returns to your site to upgrade your carport or steel building the cost must be a minimum of $795.00 or there will be a $50.00 return trip fee added.

4. A deposit is always required on a carport or steel building when ordered. If Keen’s Portable Buildings has set up 100% financing there is no deposit required but all contracts will be signed before ordering.

5. Balance of your carport or steel building will always be required at the time of installation or if financed the dealer will take care of balance after install.

6. Keen’s Portable Buildings will accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover and all money orders, checks or cash paid to installers at time of installation.

7. Keen’s Portable Buildings has a no refund policy on all special ordered carports or steel buildings.

8. The frame of your carport or steel building will always be 1 ft. shorter than the roof in length to help the rain from coming in the end of your steel building or carport.

9. Any other questions can be answered by one of Keen’s Portable Buildings’s representatives by calling 1-888-620-0004. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business for your steel building or carport needs.

Carport Glossary

A-frame Trim: A-Frame Trim is used as a finishing touch on boxed eve carport designs. The trim provides a boxy look on the sides of the carport.

Base Rails: The square tubing that the legs of the carport sits on.

Bow: A bow is single piece square tubing bent to make the roof of the carport.

Concrete Anchors: Anchors used in the carport installations on concrete in the place of rebar.

Corner Braces: Corner braces help reinforce the structure of the carport. Four (4) two foot long corner braces come standard on all carports, and more are available at an additional cost. Carports with legs higher then 8 foot should upgrade to three-foot long corner braces.

Double Trust: Double Trusts are used in our triple wide carports and are designed to proved additional support to our wider bows.

Gable Ends: A horizontal panel with the same curve as the bows on either end of the carport that extends from the top of the legs up. Gable ends can be installed vertically at an additional cost.

Garage Door: The garage doors roll up into a cylinder above the opening rather then pulled back along a track. We carry sizes from 6’x6′ to 10’x10′.

Header Bar: Header bars are placed at the top of the doorframe when an opening on the side is requested as well as when a garage door is ordered.

J-Trim: J-Trim is used a decorative trim underneath extra paneling on the sides of carports, around walk-in doors, and windows.

L-Trim: L-Trim is used as decoration on the ends of regular style carports to provide a finished look. L-Trim is also used around the edges of garage doors and on portion of the A-frame model carports.

Lag Bolts: Lag bolts are used in place of rebars or concrete anchors when installing onto a wood platform.

Legs: Legs are the lengths of square tubing that elevate the top portion of the carport. 12 gauge legs come standard as 6-foot lengths, and 14 gauge comes standard in 5 foot lengths.

Mobile Home Anchors: Mobile home anchors are stronger anchors used on certified carports, and are an option on all other carports. Mobile home anchors cannot be used for installations on concrete platform they are strictly for ground installation.

Paneling: Paneling is 29-gauge steel and comes in standard lengths of 21’, 26, & 31’, and in 13 different colors.

Rebar: Rebar anchors are approximately 3 foot piece of rebar with a 5/8 nut welding on one end that is used in anchoring the carport for ground and  asphalt installations.

Ridge Cap: Ridge caps are used on vertical roof carports to cover the cap at the peak of the roof, where the separate roofing panels meet.

Snow Braces: Snow braces are installed at the center bend of the bow on all structures to reinforce the roof. They are also sometimes referred to as center braces.

Tubing: Our carports are made standard with 14 gauge 2 ½”x2 ½ square tubing. At additional cost carports can be made with a stronger 12 gauge 2 ¼”x 2 ¼’ square tubing.

Walk in Doors: When installing optional walk in doors, the door size is 32”x72”.

Windows: When installing optional windows, the window is 30”x30”.

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